Chocolate Sport Lollipops

Chocolate Sport Lollipops

A few years ago, I was trying to find something new and different to make for my son’s birthday. I was tired of buying ice cream or making cupcakes so I looked at Party City for some ideas. I came across these Chocolate Sport Lollipops. I thought they would be perfect. He loves sports and I can make a unique treat without having to bake ( you will see that most of my desserts do not require much, if any, baking). Also, he doesn’t like chocolate much and only the football tasted “chocolatey”!

PREP TIME: 5 minutes per tray SET TIME: 20 minutes per tray ADDITIONAL SET TIME: 15 Minutes



2-3 plastic mold trays of sports (bought at Party City). The more trays you have, the less time it will take since you don’t have to wait as long for the molds to set before reusing the tray.

Various colors of chocolate candy melts (you can find these at Hobby Lobby or Party City). You will need orange and brown for basketball, white and red for baseball, brown and white for football.

Candy making sticks (you can find these at Hobby Lobby or Party City).

Toothpick or clean thin paintbrush

Wax paper

Preparing Chocolate Sport Lollipops:

Melt the primary color of one ball at a time. Try to only melt what you will need for the amount of balls you can make in a short time because you don’t want the chocolate to harden. Pour the melted chocolate into the mold and place a candy making stick into the mold (there is a place cut out for this, so you don’t have to worry about where to place it). Once  you have a tray done, immediately place in the refrigerator to set. It will take about 20 minutes. If you find that the stick is tipping when you place it in the refrigerator, don’t worry…just roll up a couple of napkins to stick underneath the end to make it level.

Once the chocolate is set, carefully remove lollipops from the tray and place on wax paper. You will know they are ready when they can be easily removed from the tray. Melt the chocolate for the seams of the balls (you will use very little so make sure you don’t waste the chocolate). Using a toothpick or a paintbrush, put the appropriate color of chocolate in the seam of each ball and let set on wax paper. Repeat the process to make as many as you need and enjoy!!!

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