Medium Rare…Plus???

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My husband and I went to Capital Grille for Buckhead Restaurant Week with some friends.  I had always ordered steak medium while hoping it would be cooked a little less than true medium. My perfect steak is somewhere between medium rare and medium.

The server we had was amazing. As I was talking to him about my true preference, he asked if I wanted my filet cooked medium rare plus. I have been to many fine steakhouses in my time and had never heard of “medium rare plus”. I asked him what the temperature was and he said it was around 140. Medium rare is 138, medium is 142 and medium well (which really shouldn’t be an option) is 148! So, if you are like me and want your steak perfectly cooked in between medium rare and medium, ask for medium rare plus (or 140 degrees)!!


  1. Chef Steve says:

    Please DO NOT order steaks this way. The chef will hate you.

    • I think you may be right! It was actually on the menu at a specific restaurant and it threw us for a loop. There it is clearly ok, but not what I would do elsewhere. Thanks for weighing in!

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