Gourmet Burger Bar

Easy Menu IdeaSummer is just around the corner and if you are like us, you’ll soon be grilling lots of burgers. Are you tired of serving the burgers with the same old toppings? Do you want an easy way to impress your guest? Why not try a Gourmet Burger Bar. The key is to have fun ingredients you would normally only see at a restaurant. Here are a few ideas…

Arugula or Spinach

Caramelized Onions

Grilled Peppers

Sauteed Mushrooms


Gourmet Cheeses

Bacon (try our oven roasted bacon)


Pimento Cheese

Bacon Jam

Speciality Condiments (Melissa’s BBQ Sauce; Ketchup with bacon, green onions and Worcestershire sauce; Dijon mustard with apricot preserves, thyme and lemon juice; Mayonnaise with adobo sauce and pickle relish) Get crazy!! Think of the flavors you like and mix them together in your own condiments. Serve in cut out peppers.

….and please don’t forget to toast your buns. There is almost nothing worse than serving a nice juicy burger with excellent toppings…on a cold bun.

NOTE: You can use this idea for Turkey Burgers and Chicken, don’t limit yourself to just burgers!!!



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