How to make your own BBQ dry rub

A good dry rub is important to most anything you choose to BBQ. I don’t buy the pre-mixed ones in the store because they are expensive, they contain additives, and I’ve never found one that really has the flavors the way I want them.

We are all so different and what tastes good for one person is not necessarily what someone else likes. Here is a basic dry rub that is mostly what I do, however, I never make it exactly the same way twice.

How to make your own dry rub: I change this up every time and never measure it. But, here are the basic ingredients. Change quantities and spices to vary yours to be sweeter or spicier.

bbq dry rub for ribs

Oregano (~2T) Garlic Powder (~4T) Chili Powder (~5T) Onion Powder (~2T) Cumin Powder (~1 1/2 T) Cayenne (~1 1/2 T) Brown Sugar (~ 1/2 cup) Coarse Kosher Salt (~6T) Black Pepper (~2T)

These are the kinds of quantities I used. Starting at 12:00, you have Chili powder, Kosher Salt, Cayenne, Onion powder, Oregano, Garlic powder and in the middle you have black pepper and cumin.

Dry rub ingredients


Other great dry rub ingredients that you might choose to add:

Change brown sugar for regular white sugar

Dry mustard

Chinese 5 spice


Red pepper flakes

Ancho chili powder

Your rub (if you were clean about how you put it on your raw meat) can be stored in an air tight container for a couple of weeks.

I use variations of this for baby back ribs, brisket, tri-tip steak, pork chops and bone-in & skin-on chicken.

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