How to drain ground beef

What’s the best way to drain ground beef that you have just cooked in a frying pan? Check out this great tip!

Frying Ground Beef

Simple. You take a big colander and line it with paper towels.

How to drain meat

Once the meat is finished, pour the meat onto the paper towels and place the colander back over the skillet. This allows the meat to completely drain without grease spilling over onto you counter or ground beef slipping through the slits in the colander. It also prevents the grease from going down your drain.

How to drain meat

It’s virtually mess free—which I like!

I did not know this little trick until Denise taught it to me. I love it! I was always trying to scoop out the grease, with a spoon, into a jar, precariously placed in my sink, praying the meat did not all come sliding out and down the drain. Anybody else been there and done that? – Melissa


  1. Margo says:

    This one is great! I’ll put it to use immediately! I’m with Melissa- it was always messy, I lost meat, and I ended up with too much grease in my sauces. I’m so excited!

  2. Emily Fussell says:

    I just learned something new, too!

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