Food for a Baby Shower

Food for a Baby Shower

My husband and I are throwing a couple’s baby shower for some dear friends in two weeks. Two weeks is the magic number for when you need to begin getting ready for any decent sized party. This isn’t because I am Type A, it’s because I don’t want to forget anything and don’t want to be a stress case. Also, it just makes sense!

Over the next two weeks, I’ll update you on the planning process and let you know how it all comes together. The process can be duplicated for just about any party that you throw. For more entertaining ideas, click here to go to our Entertaining with Ease section of the website.

Party Background:

The shower is going to be in the evening. The couple didn’t find out the sex of the baby so there will be lots of green and yellow with a splash of pink and blue. They are a very laid back couple and the shower will reflect that. There will be nothing high maintenance or stuffy about it! That’s probably why we are friends!


Since it’s for men and women, we are going to do some “couple” friendly games…not the types of games where you have to taste baby food and guess what it is. Those days are over! I have two games already, but am working on the 3rd. When the games are set, I’ll let you know what they are! I’m pretty excited about one of them!! Beer is involved!


I sent out the invitations a month ago. About half of the people have responded so far. I have an RSVP date for one week before the shower. We are anticipating anywhere from 20-34 people.


My menu is still a draft. Since there is such a difference between serving food for 20 people as opposed to 34 people, the menu won’t be solidified until the RSVPs are in. I had to start writing down ideas because I didn’t want to start thinking about the menu when there was only one week left. So far, here’s what we have…

  • Pork sliders
  • Baked Potato Bar
  • Shrimp grits
  • Green Bean and Mushroom Salad
  • Meatballs
  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip
  • Charcuterie Platter

I fully expect this to change…even if it’s just a little bit, but at least it’s a good start!


I have already shopped for my non-perishable items…at least the ones I know about. The napkins, plates, cutlery, and cups have all been purchased. I have a list of what I am most likely going to need and it will be modified after the RSVP date passes. Once that date comes, I will go out and get the rest of the items, as well as all of the beverages. I have also decided to order cute baby themed cupcakes instead of making a dessert myself!


All of my other to do lists have been made. I have a list for when to get the “chores” done around the house in order of what day to do them. I have my grocery store list which, again, will be modified based on the menu and RSVPs. I have a tentative list of when I am going to do the cooking. I try to get as much done two days and the day before a party as possible. Finally, there is the “day of the party” list.

It’s all coming together. Stay tuned….

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