Leftovers ? Make a simple meal with leftover turnip greens, pasta and sausage

leftover greens and sausage

The other day, I made enough collard greens and Andouille sausage to feed an army and was left with “leftovers”. A lot of leftovers. My husband was out of town, the kids weren’t going to eat them and I needed something different.

So, a quick search through the fridge and I found some cooked elbow macaroni noodles (again, I cooked too much to fit in the macaroni and cheese, thus, that’s right, LEFTOVERS). Hmm. I like pasta. I like greens. Of course I like just about anything that comes from a pig. Why wouldn’t they be good all mixed together?

So while the kids have other leftovers (mac ‘n’ cheese, fruit and chicken tenders), I make my concoction. I added a bit of chicken broth and some extra sausage (yes, I made too much of that too!). Threw it in the microwave and nuked it. It was actually really good. I would make this as a meal sometime without the leftovers.

Lesson learned #1 – doing some transformation of leftovers just takes a quick walk through the fridge or pantry

Lesson learned #2 – learned that I’m never going to learn the lesson of not cooking for an army…so I better be good at lesson learned #1

Your amazing ability to be able to transform food into new and creative dishes makes you an excellent contestant for Chopped. Just sayin’!! -Denise

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