How to separate an egg

We’ve already taught you how to boil an egg. Now it’s time to teach you how to separate an egg. When a recipe calls for a 2 eggs, separated, what that means is you have to separate the egg whites from the egg yolks in both of the eggs. One bowl will have both whites and one bowl will have both egg yolks. There are two different ways to do this.

1) You can gently crack the egg over a bowl and let the egg white drip into the bowl. When it’s done dripping, move the yolk from the half of the shell it is in into the other half.

Separating an egg

This will allow for the rest of the egg white to fall into the bowl. Keep transferring the egg yolk from shell to shell until all of the egg white is in the bowl.

separating an egg

Then, put the yolk into another bowl.

2) You can crack the egg into your hand over a bowl. Gently separate your fingers, allowing the egg white to drip into the bowl. When all of the egg white has dripped into the bowl, put the egg yolk into another bowl.

Separating an egg

You need to be careful when doing this as a little yolk in the whites will likely ruin your chances of making stiff whites like for a meringue. A little whites in the yolks is not such a big deal though.

separating eggs

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