McNack’s Kitchen is created by two friends who love to cook, love to throw parties, and love to organize and plan any sort of get-together. We cook all the time and constantly are striving to be better and better in the kitchen. However, neither of us have had any professional training nor do we pretend to know it all.  We’ve just spent a lot of time around people who were also good cooks and took what we learned and expanded upon it on our own.

We attribute our recipes to whomever or wherever we were inspired by them whenever we know who or where that was and respect copyright ownership (as well as expect our users to do so too). There are plenty of recipes you will see on our site that are either somewhat ubiquitous in nature and some that we’ve had for so long, we have no idea where it came from. We would like to thank everyone who taught us something along our cooking journey for without you, we would never have been so inspired. However, if you feel that one of the recipes on our blog is copyrighted by you, please fill out the Contact Us form under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) and we will gladly take it down immediately or give you credit for it and link to your original material (whichever you prefer). In the subject of the form, please reference the specific recipe you are concerned with, site your ownership and let us know what action you would like us to take.

Everything on our site is just our humble opinions. We recommend certain kitchen tools and certain cooking methods or products because we use them and like them. We do utilize Google AdSense and are members of both the Amazon Affiliate Program and Google Affiliate Network. With Google AdSense, we don’t pick the advertisements that are placed on our site on our behalf, so we don’t specifically endorse any of those products. With the Amazon Affiliates program, we have handpicked what you see in our Store and these items are products at least one of us personally uses and likes. If you buy something through Amazon from our website, we do receive a commission on those items.  Likewise, if you are intrigued by the advertisements placed on our site from Google, we receive a small amount (when we say small, we mean super small, generally a ‘penny a click’). With the Google Affiliate Network, we are an affiliate for one of our favorite cooking stores, Sur La Table. These ads work are both ‘pennies per click’ and commission based if you choose to buy anything. Any proceeds we receive from these programs will go to offset the cost of this hobby.

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