Last Minute Steps to Prepare for Your Party

Well, when we say last minute, that does not necessarily mean at 5:59 when your guests are arriving at 6:00, but you know what we mean. This is the last walk through things that we always like to check because in a house with a husband and kids, who knows what might have gotten, well, a bit out of place…

Last minute space preparation

Entry – Walk up to your front door like your guests and see what they’ll see. Check for cobwebs by the door and kid toys under foot. Take a broom with you and freshen it up.

Bathrooms – Check any bathrooms your guests will use. Make sure: (1) there is enough toilet paper (add a new roll if it is questionnable) (2) there is enough hand soap and a fresh hand towel (3) there is a trashcan (I forgot this once and someone was stuck having to flush something they shouldn’t have, totally not there fault, and the toilet overflowed. Disaster that should have been averted) (4) the toilet is clean, not just the bowl, but under the seat too. With little kids, things often get sprayed where they shouldn’t and you don’t want your gentlemen guests to have to deal with that.

Trash – Make sure you empty the trash in your bathrooms and kitchen area before your guests arrive. You don’t want your guests seeing unsightly garbage when they use your bathroom. You also don’t want to have to take the trash out of the kitchen in the first half hour of your guests arriving.

Miscellaneous Space – Where will you put purses and coats? Is that space clean and presentable to your guests?

Last minute beverage preparation:

Beer / Wine – If the beer is not already cold, be sure to ice it down at least one hour before your guests arrive.
Be sure your bar is near a source of ice. If your ‘bar’ is not directly next to an icemaker/freezer, place a bucket of ice at the bar.

Light a candle(s)  – Whether you light a candle in the kitchen, bathroom, end table or entryway, it can add a very nice touch. If you choose a scented candle, make sure your guest will enjoy the smell and it’s not too overpowering!

Last minute food preparation:

Prepare garnishes, preheat ovens and grills, bring food out for room temperature.

Last minute ‘you’ preparation:

Brush your teeth, check your makeup, go to the restroom, then sit down, take a breath and enjoy a beverage!! You are ready.

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