Party Guests

Determining who will be your party guests

There are a couple of options on how guests are determined for a party:

1. You want to throw a specific type of party and need to determine which guests fit best.
When planning your guest list, you need to figure out the atmosphere you want to create. Is it a fun laid back party or a more formal gathering? Once you decide this, then figure out what guests will go well with the type of party you want to throw. It’s also a good idea, at least at the beginning, to have people over who are from the same group (school friends, soccer, football, work, church, etc). Everybody doesn’t have to know everybody, but it is nice if everyone knows someone!!!

2. You don’t have a choice in your guests so you have to throw a party that fits them.
Sometimes your guests are decided for you in advance and you have no choice. This would include examples such as it’s your turn for supper club or your having people over with whom you work. In these situations, it’s not about picking who they are but it is still critical to determine the atmosphere you want to set for them and how you want them to interact.

3. Should this be a family event?
One thing that always comes up is whether or not kids are invited. Obviously this is a very personal choice. Once children are invited, everything changes. It will dictate the space needs, the atmosphere of the party and the menu. We love having kid friendly parties but it certainly complicates a lot of the planning details.

Once all of this is decided, get your invitations out and manage your RSVP’s.

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