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How to Cook

This is probably our favorite part of McNack’s Kitchen. This is where, in one page, we provide all sorts of cool and easy ways on how to perform a laundry list of cooking techniques. These are things we have learned over years of cooking. Hopefully, this will simplify your life in the kitchen and push you up your own learning curve a little bit faster.

Keep coming back for more ideas as we will grow this list over time. You can also click on the categories to the right called Cooking 101, How To, Tips and Tricks and Videos.

Cooking Techniques

How to Poach a Chicken
How to Prepare Asparagus
How to Roast Vegetables 
How to Clean Mushrooms
How to Prepare Sugar Snap Peas and Snow Peas
How to Prepare Chicken Cutlets
How to Cut a Pepper
How to Clarify Butter
How to make the perfect hamburger patty
How to Pickle an Onion 
How to Hard Boil an Egg
How to Poach an Egg
How to Separate an Egg

Knife Skills

How to Cut Peppers
How to Chop an Onion
How to Chop Basil (and other leafy herbs and greens)
How to Peel Garlic
How to Cut an Avocado


How to Cut-Up a Whole Chicken
How to Make Your Own Chicken Cutlets
How to Cut Meat Against the Grain and on a Bias
How to take the pit out of a peach and other stone fruits
How to Peel Garlic
How to Clean Mushrooms
How to Saute Mushrooms
How to make bacon wrapped chicken thighs
how to cut an onion

General Kitchen Skills

How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

For more Cooking 101, visit Tips and Tricks and Kitchen Tips from Past Generations

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