Edible Kitchen Essentials

Why do you need to worry about having these things in your kitchen? Why can’t you just buy what you need for each recipe? Well, the simple answer is to prepare for the unexpected. A last minute visit by a friend or a decision to stay in for dinner instead of going out.

Freezer Essentials

• Pecans
• Walnuts
• Salted Butter
• Unsalted Butter
• Puff Pastry
• Bag of mixed vegetables
• Bacon
• Meatballs
• Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
• Pork Tenderloin
• Ravioli / Tortelini
• Bacon
• Flour Tortillas

Refrigerator Essentials

• Lemons
• Limes
• Favorite Cheeses
• Plain Greek Yogurt (0% Fage is my favorite)
• Crescent Rolls
• Lil’ Smokies
• Small Summer Sausage (Usinger’s is my favorite)
• BBQ Sauce
• Parmesan Cheese (not the kind in the green container)
• Worcestershire Sauce
• Soy Sauce
• Unsalted Butter
• Dijon Mustard
• Hot Sauce
• Mayonaise
• Eggs
• Onions

Pantry Essentials

• Chicken Broth (low-sodium)
• Beef Broth (low-sodium)
• Vinegars (White, Red Wine, and Balsalmic at a minimum)
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil (one for cooking and a high-quality one for finishing dishes)
• Spices (long list here)
• Bread Crumbs (panko and italian)
• Crackers (not saltines, unless you have a stomach bug)
• Fresh Garlic
• Canned whole tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, ro-tel, and tomato paste
• Assortment of rice and pasta (a few of our favorites: yellow rice, Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend, Penne, Orzo, Angel Hair/Thin Spaghetti)
• Baking Powder and Baking Soda
• Sugar
• All Purpose Flour
• BBQ Rubs (mixture of sweet and spicy – or use your spices to make your own)
• Craisins (or other dried fruit)
• White Chocolate Cooking Squares


Garden Essentials

– There is always space somewhere around your home to grow at least a few fresh herbs. Here are a few we try to keep around. We live in Atlanta so they don’t all grow year round but they generally last most of the year.
• Rosemary
• Flat leaf parsley
• Thyme
• Oregeno
• Basil
• Chives
• Sage
• Cilantro
• Marjoram

In the summer, Melissa tries to grow fresh tomatoes, several types of pepper plants (bell, banana, serano, jalepeno), squash, and cucumbers in some empty spaces in the yard. The plants are cute, hidden from the street and highly functional!
In the fall/winter, we try and grow kale, swiss chard, and turnip greens. Denise can’t keep a green plant alive, much less grow vegetables and herbs. Therefore, she plans to steal from Melissa.

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