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Egg Whites For Burns

separating eggs

The other day, Melissa’s mom burned herself on her gas grill. She had remembered a home remedy that is used to treat burns….

Whip a couple of loose egg whites together with a fork and then place them directly onto the burn. There is no stinging on contact and it takes the pain away. Even better than that, there was no blistering the next day!

Thanks JoAnn/Mom for sharing this with us!

Need to know how to separate an egg? Click here. 

Redeem Your Ground

One of the benefits of having a blog is it has opened up a whole new world of people I have been able to meet. My friend Ryan introduced me to an amazing man named Doug Scott. I trusted Ryan’s judgment since he was, after all, an Alabama grad!!!

Anyway, Doug left the corporate world to focus on two of his passions…his family and the outdoors. He has started an exterior design firm in order to help others “redeem their ground” and utilize their backyards to their fullest potential.

Doug and I met a couple of weeks ago at Panera Bread to pick each other’s brains about our respective blogs. From the moment I met him, I felt like I knew him forever. He was just that kind of person…easy to talk to, puts you at ease…just an all around great guy.  One thing that stuck with me was his passion. Passion for his work, life, and his family. 

Redeem Your Ground

Doug’s blog is called Redeem Your Ground. He has some amazing ideas of how to transform your yard into a useable living space. He can also help with everything from planting a vegetable garden to raising your own chickens to finding the right space for a hanging daybed! 

You will be seeing posts in the near future on McNack’s that are taken from Redeem Your Ground. The Rosemary Bread looks absolutely incredibly! Since Melissa and I aren’t bakers, we figure this will be a great recipe to share!!! 

So please join me in welcoming Doug and Redeem Your Ground to the McNack’s Kitchen Family!!

Farmers Market Recap

Farmers Market

Farmers Market

We had such a great time last night at the Outlet Shoppes of Atlanta Farmers Market in Woodstock. The weather was fantastic, the mall was awesome and the people we met were fabulous!

We had samplings of our bruschetta and goat cheese crostini along with our roasted chickpeas. They were both a huge hit (it has to be our new Six-C © Spice Blend!!!).

These sweet ladies came to our table pretty early in the evening to sample our food and buy the Six-C © Spice Blend. About an hour later, they came back and said, “We are Italian and we just had to come back and say your bruschetta is amazing!”

We thought that was really sweet and  asked them if we could take their picture and quote them on our website. They agreed as long as we didn’t “tag them on Facebook!” How awesome are they??

Farmers Market Recap

In the coming weeks, we will be partnering with other vendors to incorporate some of their ingredients into our Farmers Market Cookbook! 

Mark you calendars: We will be there on May 27th, June 3rd and June 17th. Come on out for some amazing food, wonderful people and great shopping!!


Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market

Today is the day. We are participating in our first Farmer’s Market! We will be at the Outlet Shoppes of Atlanta in Woodstock beginning at 4:30! We will be doing a cooking demonstration around 5:00 making bruschetta and goat cheese crostini. Our friends at Capra Gia Cheese Company are hooking us up with some super fresh chevre!! Thanks!!

Stop by if you are in the area! This ought to be fun!! No heckling from the crowd though.

We also have a table as well where people can sample our roasted chickpeas cooked in our very own, McNack’s Six-C Spice Blend © (say it in your best Southern accent and it comes out as “sexy”).

It is a universal spice blend that can be used on anything from meats to vegetables and anything in between! It’s really unique, you’ll love it!

(Please note: Although we would love to be able to sell this via our website, we are unable to do so at this time and are limited to selling at Farmer’s Markets. It’s simple things like not wanting to break the law. We will let you know when we have all of our ducks in a row and you can start to order online). 

Have you ever walked around a Farmer’s Market and loved the ingredients, but didn’t know what to do with them? Well, we can help! We finally put together our first cookbook! It’s geared toward fresh produce and ingredients that you can find at any of your local Farmer’s Markets.

Easy and delicious ways to use ingredients from fresh herbs to seasonal vegetables. We are excited about this.

McNack’s Kitchen featured in Buckhaven Lifestyle Magazine!

Buckhaven magazine

Wow! We are so excited to share with you a fantastic article written in one of our local magazines, Buckhaven Lifestyle.

Buckhaven magazine

Here is a link for you to read it.

We are on page 24 and 25.

This was a lot of fun. Thanks to the writer, Rhiannon Banks, and the editor, Sue Collins, for deciding to feature us in their food issue. What fun!