Oh crap! I burned the bread….again!

Oh crap! I burned the bread….again!

What do you do if you burn the bread?

This is always the last thing you do and it inevitably falls with all the other last-minute things you have to do to put the meal on the table. I recently had a group of folks over for a potluck dinner. I provided the appetizer, main course, a dessert, wine and …. the bread. Everyone else brought a salad, side or dessert. These potluck meals are my favorite and this group of folks is the absolute best at them!

Well, I was getting everything ready for buffet style service and put the bread in the oven right before I started to carve the lamb. I always forget about the bread. Sometimes I forget to cook it, sometimes I forget to put it on the table and sometimes I forget to take it out of the oven. I know this about myself yet I still make these mistakes. Crazy! This night, I set the timer for 2 minutes but was too lazy to move the top rack of the oven down a notch. At about 1 minute 45 seconds, I smelled it. Yikes! And everyone was in my kitchen. No way to hide this mistake.

Crazy thing was – I must have had 4 people out of the 10 tell me that burned bread was their favorite. I tried to throw them away but they wouldn’t let me. So, I got the least burned ones and put them in the bread basket. Yet, I still found a couple of folks getting the really burned ones I left on the baking sheet.

My lesson – own up to your mistakes, let folks know, you may be surprised at the results.

Top 3 tips to not burn your bread:

1. Don’t wait until the last-minute – who says bread is only good if it is perfectly hot.
2. Assign someone to watch the bread – there is always someone in your kitchen during a party (if not everyone). Ask one of them to be the guard.
3. Pray!

What to do if you burn the bread:

1. Use a knife and scrape off the black parts over the sink or garbage can. This is messy and takes a couple of minutes but very effective.
2. Cut off the edges like you would a child’s PB&J crust.
3. Serve it anyway and let people know you messed up. Let them know to eat it only if they like it that way.

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