Chicken Soup from Leftovers

Chicken Soup from Leftovers

The other day, I was freezing and wanted a bowl of chicken soup. I realized I had some leftover rotisserie chicken in the fridge, as well as some rice from Chinese takeout. I looked around and found some celery, carrots, onion and tomatoes I could also use. Chicken soup from leftovers, coming right up! I chopped, sautéed and simmered and the soup was ready in no time. It warmed me from the inside out!

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Prep Time – 30min


1/2 onion, chopped

3-4 cloves of garlic, chopped

3 T. olive oil

Rotisserie Chicken, cut into bite sized pieces

3 Celery stalks, sliced thin

4 Carrots, chopped

3 Roma tomatoes, chopped

1 c. Cooked Rice

Chicken Broth (enough to cover the ingredients…probably 3-4 cups)

Jalapeños (optional)

Preparing Chicken Soup from Leftovers:

Saute garlic and onion together in olive oil for about 5 minutes. Add carrots and celery and cook until vegetables are tender, approximately 10 minutes. Add tomatoes and cook for 3-5 for more minutes. Add rice, chicken and chicken broth. Cook on medium until soup is heated through, about 5-8 minutes. Add jalapeños if desired.

What to do with leftover chicken?


You really can add any vegetables you want and adjust the quantities to your liking.  You can also switch up the rice and put in noodles.

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