A week of meals from your well stocked kitchen

I normally go to the store and do my big grocery shopping on Sundays. I hit Costco when needed (about every other week) and supplement with small trips to the store throughout the week.

Last week was so incredibly busy, my schedule was all out of whack. I did a Costco run AND the grocery store on Friday. I wasn’t buying anything really special, it was more of a “replenishing” trip. On Sunday morning, I didn’t need to go to the store. I was looking in my pantry, fridge and freezers for ideas of what to make this week. Then it hit me. Melissa and I have always stressed the importance of having a well stocked pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Let’s see how “well stocked” my kitchen really is! My goal is to see if I can pull off a week of breakfasts, lunches and dinners for a family of 4 WITHOUT going to the store until Friday.

NOTE: I will go to the store to get 2 items if we run out. 1) Fresh fruit. Since it’s healthy, I will make as many trips to the store as I need to in order to keep it in the house. 2) Coffee (and splenda and milk). It really is best for everyone that I continue to have my perfect pot of coffee in the morning and this NOT be part of my experiment. Anyone who really knows me will agree. I promise.

Now remember, I went to the store this past Friday, which was before I knew that I was going to do this little experiment. Everything I put together this week will truly be from what I already have on hand. In the spirit of full disclosure, here’s how the meals work in our house. 

My husband has oatmeal in the morning and I make  breakfast for my two children. I usually have a bar of some sort. However, I did notice that we are just about out of those, so regarding breakfast for me, I need to come up with something different.

I pack a lunch for both kids, everyday. No…they don’t always eat the same things. That would make life easy. My husband eats at work. I either eat something at the house, meet a friend for lunch, or skip it all together. 

99% of the time, I have a hot meal on the table for dinner that I have prepared. It will always contain at least a protein and a vegetable (and in our house, salad is considered a vegetable). 


As I was trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, I noticed I had 4 onions sitting in my produce basket, some chicken breasts in the freezer, and fresh corn on the cob and broccoli. I got it! Since the weather was actually nice, I decided to grill some chicken breasts with some of our favorite rubs. I cooked some corn and steamed the broccoli. Knowing the temperatures were going to dip into frigid temperatures in the next 24-48 hours, I took the onions and made French Onion Soup! So delicious! (Recipe for the Onion Soup to come). My guess is that the French Onion Soup will be my lunch for the next couple of days. 

First night: Success!

I love this idea, Denise, regardless of how different the two of us are. That’s what I love. I go to the warehouse store (Costco) and the grocery store (Publix) a minimum of 10 times each week combined…and I don’t see that changing. I so wish I could be that gal that planned the week out and made one trip. – Melissa

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  1. I love me some French Onion Soup!

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