McNack’s Mystery Challenge

Yesterday we came up with a new concept to throw into our mix. We decided to start doing a McNack’s Mystery Challenge once a month! We will have a friend and loyal supporter bring us a mystery basket of 5 ingredients and we will have to create a dinner or appetizer out of what’s in the basket. Here are the official rules:

  • No desserts (because we just don’t like doing them)
  • No seafood (because Denise is a wimp and refuses)
  • No weird animal parts that no one would eat (and Denise…..and Melissa won’t touch)
  • We have to use all ingredients in some way, shape, or form
  • We have 5 minutes to think about what to make and create our shopping list
  • We have to announce our dish after the 5 minutes
  • We will then have a limited amount of time at the store to get what other ingredients are needed to complete our dish, plus add whatever we have in our pantry and fridge
  • We will cook the meals separately within 1-3 days and have YOU, the viewers, judge which one you would be most likely to try to recreate!

The unveiling of the mystery basket and introduction of special guest will all be on video…the recipes will be written up as traditional recipe posts. 

Our first one will be posted next week…and it is an AWESOME basket! We hope you enjoy!

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