Saltyard Restaurant Atlanta – A great place to share a meal

Saltyard Restaurant Atlanta – A great place to share a meal

Recently, my husband and I had a night out on the town with my brother and his wife. We always have a great time when we are together and it ALWAYS includes an amazing meal! See, we are all major foodies.

Love our food.

Love lots of flavors.

Oh, and we love our drink too…hence Uber was involved for the evening’s activities.

(gotta love Uber)

Anyway, after starting with some munchies and a cocktail (or two) at big bro’s place, we headed to Saltyard, a restaurant in the bottom of the Brookwood in Atlanta (South Buckhead area on Peachtree St). Since my brother goes there a lot, he had arranged for the chef’s table in front of the kitchen which was perfect for food junkies like us.

Nick Leahy, the chef, came out and introduced himself to my husband and I as we’d never met and then we started ordering some food (and drinks).

Saltyard specializes in small plates and a firm appreciation of the importance of salt. We love small plates because it gives you a chance to taste lots of different flavors all at one sitting. EVERYTHING we had was delicious. There was not one thing I could have enjoyed any more. Here is what we had (plus a couple of chef delivered surprises not on the menu).

  • Ahi tuna tartare with apple, grapefruit and miso vinaigrette
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts with lemon, anchovy and capers
  • Roasted beets with sherry, local greens and ricotta salata
  • Raw kale salad with buttermilk, sunflower seeds and blue cheese
  • Deviled farm eggs with bacon and sriracha
  • Smoked pork empanada with pickles and persimmon bbq (got two orders of these they were so good!)
  • Grilled octopus with crispy potato, red onion and cilantro

I have no way of saying what my favorite thing was as it was all really good. I mean devilved eggs with bacon and sriracha?! If everything goes better with bacon and everything goes better with sriracha, then what happens when you have both?! Flavor explosion in your mouth.

We cannot wait to go back and see what else Chef Nick Leahy and Saltyard Restaurant has to offer! Definitely worth a visit on your next outing!

We made a quick request from Uber and off we went to listen to some great live jazz to round out the evening! Good times. Good food.

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