Tip Tuesday: How to grow tomatoes in your urban garden

It’s the first day of April!! Time to plant your urban garden if you live just about anywhere in the US other than Alaska, the Dakotas and Minnesota.

So, with planting will come awesome fresh tomatoes that have that distinctive grown in the garden taste you can’t get at a grocery store.

salt tomatoes in advance

For Tip Tuesday we are giving you:

How to grow tomatoes in your urban garden

This is not easy since tomatoes are amazing but it is hard to get fantastic tomatoes year round.

  1. When you plant them in your garden, bury them higher than the root ball is at the store. Maybe 6 or more inches up the plant. You’ll be rewarded with a very sturdy base.
  2. Although many like organic and no chemicals, in the South I find it hard to keep the bugs off without something. If you’ve got tips, let us know!!
  3. Throughout the growing season, you will need to pinch off ‘suckers’. This is where a branch of the tomatoes is growing and makes a Y at the base of the vine but then another branch tries to grow out of the middle of the Y. This is a sucker and will not let your vine be strong or your fruit grow big. Pinch those off.
  4. Use a cage or something to help support the vines as they grow. We plant ours in the front of our house so we use sticks to do it instead. It looks like a garden from Williamsburg and is very pretty.
  5. When it is time to eat your tomatoes, don’t put them in the fridge. They taste better if they don’t see the cold.
  6. Remember to always slice tomatoes with a serrated knife
  7. Salt them up to an hour before you are going to eat them. You’ll love the enhanced flavor!!
  8. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy some fried green tomatoes too!!

what to do with fried green tomatoes

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