Tip Tuesday – Getting the most out of citrus

It’s Tuesday Tip Day!! Since the weather is getting warmer, it’s the perfect time for some delicious juicy fruit!

Here are some great tips when using any type of citrus in your meals…

Getting the most out of your citrus (lemons, limes, oranges, etc)

  • How to prepare citrusRoll the citrus under your hand before squeezing it, you’ll get way more juice out of it!  
  • When squeezing a lemon/lime directly over your food, hold it face up in your palm to help prevent seeds from falling into your dish.
  • Zest the citrus before cutting it for juice, it’s nearly impossible to zest a squeezed lemon! 
  • Adding a bit of freshly squeezed citrus to your dish just before serving it brings out its freshness and flavor.

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