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McNack’s offers a variety of services. If you are interested in any of these offerings, fill out the Contact Us form and we will provide you with more details.

Party Coaching Services – How to throw a perfect party

So you want to throw a party and do all your own cooking instead of hiring a caterer, but where do you start? This can be overwhelming. Perhaps now that you are all grown up, you now realize plopping a six pack of beer, bag of chips and plastic container of onion dip on the table does not constitute a party. This is where McNack’s unique service offering can really help. We can help you with simple meals and elegant cocktail parties and everything in between. One of the most difficult things about throwing a party is determining quantities and how to extrapolate recipes for a large number of folks. Whether it is a sit down meal for 50 or a football party, let us help you figure out what to serve.

We will help you create all of the ‘To Do’ lists you’ll need, create a schedule for when to do what things in advance, make shopping lists, plan menus with the theme and guests in mind, and think of the cute and fun things that really show you went out of your way to make your guests happy. Let us guide you through this planning and execution process and let you take all the credit for doing it all on your own.

We have varying levels of service from menu planning to step-by-step planning. We are your coach through the entire process and will help keep you on track. The best part is that you don’t have to be local to Atlanta for this service. We can help you regardless of where you live.

Party Coaching Level 1 Service – $50 for up to five dishes

  • Consultation – The consultation includes an initial phone interview to help us understand the goal for your party. This will include the type and number of guests you are inviting, any particular theme/special occasion, general budget expectations, food likes and dislikes, desired level of difficulty of the menu, timing for the party, etc.
  • Menu Planning – After the initial consultation, we will take all the information and generate a menu matching what we heard in the consultation to the final menu plan. This is one of the places where our experience will really help make sure the menu items compliment each other. We will discuss the menu in detail with you and make up to 2 iterations of the menu for any of your requested changes.
  • Recipes – Once the menu is set, we will provide the detailed recipes with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare each one.
  • Additional Menu Items – additional menu items and recipes can be added for just $10 each

Party Coaching Level 2 Service – Additional $100

  • Level 1 Service items plus:
  • Shopping List – We will take the menu and convert all the individual menu items into a shopping list for you. Sound simple? Well, not really. This will take into account the overall plan as there may be multiple trips required to allow for early preparation of some items as well as the more last minute shopping for fresh produce as well as shopping for any specialty items.
  • Planning Guide – The planning guide is the key to making sure the party goes off without a hitch. This is where we provide you a project plan (your daily to do list) for what can be done in advance and what has to wait until the day of the event. This is generally the most intimidating part of throwing a party and we will provide all the details you need in a simple plan that even a beginning cook can execute.

Party Coaching Level 3 Service – Starts at $250

  • Level 1 and Level 2 Service items plus:
  • Teaching and Supporting – We will provide you up to 4 hours of support during the time leading up to your event to teach you how to make individual menu items and/or answer questions that may arise along the way. With the wonders of technology, we can even provide video tutorials on any difficult preparation requirements regardless of where you live!


Cooking Classes – $120 plus food cost for 2 hours

One of our favorite things to do is to conduct group classes. This is a great social outing while you and your friends learn how to prepare a meal and enjoy a nice glass of wine (or two!) in the process.

For those of you in Atlanta, think of McNack’s next time you need an idea for your girl’s night out, book club, supper club, etc. We’ll come to you and bring everything we need. We’ll provide the instruction and the food and at the end we will all be able to enjoy a meal that everyone will know how to make.


Coming Soon- Monthly Menu Subscriptions

16 menus all planned out for you with shopping list and preparation instructions delivered to your inbox once a month! Stay tuned for more details.