Bubba Watson’s Masters Meal Selection 2013

If you care anything at all about golf, then you know The Masters is the most admired tournament of the PGA Championship Series. The beautiful grounds in Augusta, the green jacket, the history, the azaleas, the magnolias, the pimento cheese sandwiches….well, this is a food blog so they must be mentioned.

So, Denise and I both love golf as do our husbands. I grew up watching golf all weekend long throughout the PGA season. In fact, my family loved it so much that if we had to be away, we would record the day’s round on the VCR tape and watch it later. Thank goodness for DVR technology now!! I had the honor of being invited to go to Augusta on Sunday of 2011. Although Bubba’s shot was amazing, the final round of 2011 was probably one of the most beautiful days and most memorable finishes as well. Augusta is amazing and if you’ve never had the chance to go, find a way to go one day. It is definitely worth it!!

Anyway, last year’s champion, Bubba Watson, has the distinguished honor as all champions before him since 1952 of picking the dinner menu for the Champion’s Dinner. Usually, there is quite a bit of press over this, but this year, Bubba has been extremely secretive – almost as secretive as his miraculous hook shot to essentially win the tournament last year. Amazing!!! I still get chills on that one.

Finally, it was announced after the meal what he had chosen. The selections were:

Traditional Caesar Salad
Grilled Chicken
Macaroni and cheese
Green beans
Mashed potatoes
Corn bread
Confetti cake and vanilla ice cream

Bubba’s menu tweet

Not bad! Something you might put on your plate at the cafeteria if you are a good southern boy! I must say that I am happy he didn’t go the strange route like some of the past winners. No haggis or blood sausage this year!

Good luck Bubba and all the other players. Looking forward to watching every shot all weekend long.

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