McNack’s Takes 2nd in BBQ Sauce Competition!

McNack’s Takes 2nd in BBQ Sauce Competition!

Thanks for all the good luck wishes, they worked! McNack’s came in 2nd place in the BBQ sauce competition, coming in just behind Fox Brother’s BBQ, one of the best BBQ joints here in Atlanta! There were not as many competitors as we’d hoped, but this has given us the confidence to hopefully compete in the huge Atlanta Bar-B-Q Festival held in Atlantic Station in September. More to come on that later.

We were judged on three areas in both the taste and texture categories. With a total point option of 30, we averaged 24. We even received one perfect score and a comment that said, “Wow! “Love the onion and after-fire’

That would be referencing the touch of cayenne!

Here is the link to the base recipe.

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