Math Cupcakes

Easy Menu Idea

As a mom, I have brought in cupcakes and treats to my children’s classrooms more times than I can count. One of my favorites was when I brought in “math cupcakes”! I found the idea in the September 2006 edition of Family Fun Magazine. Here’s what you do…make your favorite cupcake and frost them. Then, instead of putting sprinkles on top, write a math equation with gel frosting.  You can use simple addition or subtraction for the younger grades and multiplication and division for the older grades. When you give the cupcakes out, have the students say the correct answer before they get to eat their treat!!


  1. Tami Eshelman says:

    this is a great idea if the school would allow us to bring cupcakes. just another rule out here in California… no sugar treats to the classroom on birthdays… geeze people, its a cupcake!

  2. Kay Aucoin says:

    Great idea, but at parochial schools here in LA, we can’t do that! And my preschool grandchildren, although VERY advanced :), just won’t get !

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