Gluten Free Tips

Gluten Free Tips


My friend Tami reached out to me and asked to keep an eye out for some good gluten free recipes. She shared the challenges of having to cook ingredient specific meals for one of her children. At McNacks, we are always looking for suggestions about what our readers, subscribers and supporters want us to post so I am very appreciative of her input.

Tami also wanted me to share that Betty Crocker has really come through with her gluten free baked goods and that anyone who needs to eat gluten free should really try them.

For those of you who like to drink vodka, I am happy to tell you that Tito’s makes gluten free vodka. Mix that with Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice and you have a delicious, refreshing, gluten free beverage to enjoy!

As we come across recipes, or learn how to alter some of the ones we have already posted to make them gluten free, we will be sure to share. Thanks again, Tami!!




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