BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Easy Menu IdeaI make my kids’ lunches everyday. I’m sure they are as tired of eating the same thing as I am tired of making the same thing. I was looking in the refrigerator this morning and thought, “Why not make them a BBQ chicken sandwich for lunch?” This really couldn’t be easier.

I bought the Jack Daniels BBQ chicken from Costco (they also sell it at Publix). There are 3 pouches to a pack and they last a while. I heated up the chicken to where it was very, very hot and then immediately put it in a thermos. I put a whole wheat bun in a ziploc bag, a side of BBQ sauce and a fork. The sandwich doesn’t get mushy and it’s something new and healthy for the kids! Throw in some fruit and veggie sticks and everyone is happy!

If you don’t want to the chicken, the BBQ pork is equally delicious!

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