How to cut a whole pineapple

How to cut a whole pineapple

PineappleWhat’s not to love about pineapple! Juicy. Sweet. Tangy. Delicious. But, have you ever been a bit intimidated about preparing a whole pineapple? I know I always was. I suffered through the ridiculous expense of buying already cut pineapple (about 4x the cost of a whole pineapple) and then eventually changed to buying the cleaned and cored whole pineapple and cutting it up myself from there. But still, that was about 2x the cost of a whole pineapple.


I figured if I had intimidation issues with this thorny fruit, then perhaps you might as well. With the rising costs of food, we can all use a tip to save a buck or two. Here is the step by step on how to cut a whole pineapple either into whole slices or cubes for a fruit salad.

preparing a pineapple
Cut the top and bottom off and set on its end. Tip: Save the top to use as a decoration on a platter or in the fruit salad itself.
cutting a pineapple
Use your knife to remove the exterior. A second pass may be necessary for some of the thorny spots that remain.


If you want pineapple rings and don’t have a device to core the pineapple, use this method. I think a pineapple corer is a waste of money with techniques like this one.

Cutting pineapple rings
For pineapple rings, turn the pineapple on its side and slice.


pineapple rings
Use a cookie cutter to remove the core


Cutting a pineapple ring
Voila! A pineapple ring. Great for grilling.

If you want cut pineapple for a fruit salad, then follow these steps. Again, a pineapple corer is a waste of kitchen space and money.

Preparing a whole pineapple
Turn the peeled pineapple on its end and cut the entire side off about 1/2 inch from the center to avoid the core.


Repeat for four sides of the pineapple.
Repeat for four sides of the pineapple.


Cleaning a pineapple
You will be left with four pieces and a core which can be discarded.


Preparing a pineapple
Cut the pieces into slices.


How to prepare a whole pineapple
Slice the pieces in the opposite direction for cubes and there you have it!

Add the cut pineapple to your prepared strawberries for a great fruit salad. This whole process only takes a couple of minutes and can save you big bucks.


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