Marinated Vegetables for Salads and Antipasto Trays

Kitchen TipsWhen I was in Mexico, I wondered why I don’t keep marinated vegetables around on a regular basis for salads or even antipasto trays. I eat salads almost everyday and I love vegetables. When I was at the buffet for lunch (we stayed at an all-inclusive resort), I always gravitated toward the cold asparagus (white and green), hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, green beans, broccoli and tomatoes. I was in vegetable and salad heaven.

If you have some extras of your favorite vegetables lying around, don’t be afraid to make a vinaigrette and keep them in a plastic container so you can use them on a moments notice. Marinated vegetables are great in salads or as part of an antipasto tray.

Yikes! I was always told not to eat any kind of salad like that while in Mexico. I hope Montezuma doesn’t get its revenge on you! – Melissa


Thanks, Melissa! Montezuma didn’t get any of us!! – Denise


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