Freezing Food

One of my aunts taught me years ago that you can freeze almost anything, as long as you freeze it correctly. The best way to keep your food from getting freezer burn is to double bag it.

Freezing Food and Preventing Freezer Burn

Put your food in one Ziploc freezer bag and push out all of the air. Then, put the bag inside another Ziploc bag. Label and date it and toss it in the freezer! Now, when you are freezing a dish that has marinara sauce (lasagna for example), there is a little something else to remember. Never ever wrap it in foil and then put it in Ziploc bags. The acid from the sauce will eat through the foil. If you have leftovers to freeze, wrap the pieces individually in Saran Wrap, then double bag.

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Double Bagging before freezing


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