How to choose a good melon

Do you ever see people in the grocery store who are holding a melon, inspecting it, closing their eyes and taking a big whiff and wondering what in the world they are doing? Well, they are actually trying to see if the melon is worth buying. There are three key things to look for when buying a melon:

1) Smell – If it smells sweet, it is sweet and ready to eat. If you can’t smell anything, then it still needs a few more days to ripen.

2) Hardness –  When you push on the melon, it should give a little bit. Not a lot, but a bit. If it feels very firm, it’s not ready to eat.

3) The skin – If the skin looks like it has some soft or old spots, don’t buy it.

So remember, if it smells good, feels good and looks good…it IS good! Buy it!

For tips on how to cut your melon, click here. It is a complete waste of money to have someone else cut your melon for you.

How to choose the perfect melon



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  1. […] Pick a good, ripe melon. Wash your melon. Slice it in half. Scoop out the seeds and discard. Remove the peel. The links here will provide more detail on picking, washing and peeling a melon if you need it. […]

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