Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

I had every intension of making Melissa’s Chicken Marsala last week. I had made the chicken in the pan early and just had to do the sauce. I had all of the ingredients out and ready to go. I even measured the Marsala wine in my measuring cup.

I started cleaning up the kitchen a bit and was putting dishes away that I didn’t need for that evening. When it was time to make the sauce, I was looking all over for my measuring cup and couldn’t find it. Yep! I threw it away and put the measuring cup in the dishwasher. I had no more Marsala wine either.

I was now left with two choices 1) put the chicken away until the next day when I could go to the store or 2) improvise. I decided to improvise. Instead of the Marsala wine, I just used some chicken broth and a squeeze of fresh lemon. In my opinion, not bad at all! The moral of the story here is don’t freak out if don’t have a key ingredient. You can always improvise!

Chicken with Mushroom Sauce


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