How to cook emergency hotline – how to brown ground turkey

I was over at Melissa’s the other day doing the filming for our Flip the Field interview. She was busy getting food ready and I was basically standing around doing nothing. One of her step-daughters called with a food emergency (she is a young and blossoming new cook), so I stepped up and took the call. She was making ground turkey tacos and needed to know whether or not she should put oil in the pan before browning the turkey to prevent it from sticking. Simple answer is, “Yes!”. Ground turkey has much less fat in it than ground beef so if you don’t add oil, it will stick to the pan and get all nasty.

The call got us thinking. Could McNack’s one day do year round what Butterball does one day a year? Hmmm…..

Well, we can’t give everyone our cell phone numbers BUT you can post any comment or question on the website or facebook and we will get back to you quickly. Going to a potluck? Need an idea for a romantic meal? Going on a picnic? Need to ask a ‘how to’ cooking question? Go for it! Remember, if you have the desire to cook, you can cook and we can help!

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