It pays to have a well stocked kitchen!

Kitchen TipsWe haven’t said it in a long a time, but it pays to have a well stocked kitchen. You should always have enough ingredients in your pantry, freezer and fridge that you can throw together at the last minute to make a fabulous dish to take to a pot luck. I ran into this situation on Saturday. We were going to a party in the afternoon and the week had gotten away from me. I didn’t have a chance to run to the store due to morning kid activities. I looked around my kitchen and my husband suggested that I bring pasta salad. Genius! I always have those ingredients on hand, so it was a perfect choice! I made it in the morning and it chilled and ready for party time!

We have a great basic list of ingredients that everyone needs, but add some of your favorites like olives, dressings, or fresh vegetables that you always use. Make the foods and ingredients that you always use as part of YOUR well stocked kitchen.

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