Bourbonfest – Recap

Bourbonfest was this past weekend. We had lots of great food, and some food that was just all right. There were lots of meat dishes and desserts, since those were the easiest recipes to find. The grilled chicken I made was…just ok. Instead of using the bourbon jelly as a marinade, it would have been better as a glaze. The stuffed mushrooms were a little too ‘bourbony’ for our taste, but I know exactly how to change up the recipe for our liking the next time. The salad was changed due to a small kitchen disaster that will be detailed in a later post. The smokies were a big hit, as were the ones that a friend brought. The only difference in our recipes was that we used different BBQ sauces.

The biggest hits were Bourbon Sliders, Bourbon Meatballs, Chicken with a Bourbon Glaze and all of the desserts. I have asked for the guests to share their recipes so we will post those as they come in.

Melissa took charge of an actual Bourbon tasting which she will detail later too. As she was getting it ready and guests were participating, the talk of “what fest is next” came up. Since we were impressed with Melissa’s Bourbon tasting, naturally we decided on a “Winefest” –  complete with a full wine tasting!

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