When I had Beerfest a few months ago, some of the guests were talking about what the next function should be. It seemed too early to do Baconfest Part 2, and Broccolifest really just didn’t sound too appealing. After awhile, we came up with Bourbonfest!

At Bourbonfest this weekend, all dishes need to be made with Bourbon. Most people think only desserts and meats are made with bourbon. WRONG! While these are the most popular, I was able to find a great recipe for Stuffed Mushrooms with Bourbon and a Mixed Green Salad with Bourbon Dressing (we have to have our greens). I am also making smokies in a BBQ and bourbon sauce, as well as grilled chicken marinated in a bourbon jelly I found at a local Beerfest a few weeks ago. If these recipes are up to my standards, I’ll post them next week!

So far, guests have signed up to bring bourbon brownies, a bourbon BBQ dish, bourbon meatballs, chocolate bourbon bundt cake, and bourbon bread pudding. I know a few other dishes are in the works as well.

I haven’t had Bourbon except for in a bourbon ball since…well..let’s just say it’s been a while! We are certainly in for an interesting night!!

All things Bourbon



  1. […] Bourbonfest was this past weekend. We had lots of great food, and some food that was just all right. There were lots of meat dishes and desserts, since those were the easiest recipes to find. The grilled chicken I made was…just ok. Instead of using the bourbon jelly as a marinade, it would have been better as a glaze. The stuffed mushrooms were a little too ‘bourbony’ for our taste, but I know exactly how to change up the recipe for our liking the next time. The salad was changed due to a small kitchen disaster that will be detailed in a later post. The smokies were a big hit, as were the ones that a friend brought. The only difference in our recipes was that we used different BBQ sauces. […]

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