Our Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If Oprah can make an entire show before Christmas about her favorite things, Melissa and I can do a simple post about Our Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, right? After all, we are both Mothers so we feel like we know a little bit about this!

No…we are not giving away trips or cars. Sorry.

However, we will certainly keep you out of the dog house by helping you come up with a great gift for the lady in your life that is either your mom, the mother of your children, grandmother, or just a special person who has always been like a mom to you.

If you are hurting for ideas, stick with one of these and you can’t go wrong!!! Trust us!

Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The Best Wine Glass Ever…..I mean…you have GOT to check this out. I would love to open this on Sunday! I guess this is a test to see if my husband actually reads the blog.

Best Coffee Mug Ever….This one even tops the “Raising teenagers is like nailing jello to a wall” mug that I just got.

Le Crueset Round French Oven….a must have for anyone who makes soups, chili or large amounts of sauces.

Emile Henry Lasagna Dish…this is for anyone who cooks (even if they are a beginner). It’s a  versatile dish that can go from the oven to the table.

The Wine Bible…For the reader in your life.

Electric Wine Opener…you know, we are not getting any younger and not having to count aerobic activity to open a bottle of wine is a good thing.

A great knife….every aspiring chef needs to start with a great knife.

Amazon Gift Card…no brainer right here.

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