Grilling Tips

Grilling Tips

Memorial Day has passed so grilling season is in full swing! At McNack’s Kitchen, we believe that a female can grill just as good as any man out there and grilled meals shouldn’t be limited to the weekend! Here are some important grilling tips and tricks to get a perfectly grilled meal every time!

  • Heat it up – Don’t put your food on the grill until it’s at the right temperature. You will want to preheat the grill for about 15 minutes before you are ready to use it.
  • Clean it – It is easiest to clean the debris and old caked on food after the grill has been preheated and before you put on new and fresh food. Get a good wire grill brush. It’s one of the best tools you can have for grilling.
  • Oil it – To ensure that food won’t stick to the grates, rub an oil soaked paper towel on them using a pair of tongs so you won’t burn yourself!
  • Safety first – If you are new to grilling, make sure you keep a cup of water by the grill in case the flames begin to flare up. You can just dip your hand in the water and sprinkle it on as needed.
  • Don’t cross contaminate – Please make sure you do not put cooked meat back in the same container that you used when the meat was raw. Wash it first or use a different one.
  • Use a good spatula or pair of tongs – There is no right or wrong on this. Use what you feel most comfortable with and will not make you afraid of getting burned.
  • Season you meat before putting it on – One of the keys to deliciously grilled meat is to season or marinate it BEFORE putting it on the grill. It is best to bring meat up to room temperature before cooking it, so go ahead and add the flavor!
  • Put the vegetables on last – If you are making a whole meal on the grill, you can put the vegetables on AFTER you have taken the meat off. The meat has to rest anyway before slicing into it and vegetables don’t take very long to cook!
  • Be creative – Once you get the hang of the grill, don’t limit yourself to just meat and vegetables. Make a pizza on there, or maybe even a stuffed portabello mushroom! The possibilities are endless!

For more tips and tricks about cooking, make sure you visit the Cooking 101 page of our website. 

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