How to Prepare Chicken Cutlets

Kitchen TipsIf you want all your chicken scaloppine dishes to be tender and delicious, then you should take the time (when you have it) to scaloppine your own chicken (I’m not even sure if that is a verb, but if Google is a verb now, well, so is scaloppine). You can always buy the chicken at the grocery store already sliced into thin cutlets, however, this is just sliced. These have not been pounded. Pounding the chicken breast breaks down some of the muscle fibers leading to a much more tender piece of chicken. Additionally, if they slice them thin, you are paying for their labor.

To prepare the scaloppine yourself, it really is easy. Check out this video we put together. All you need is some plastic wrap or wax paper, a good sharp knife and something to pound the chicken. I use one of these, but you can use anything heavy and not breakable. Some folks like to use a rolling-pin or a canned vegetable.

Put down the plastic wrap or wax paper on your counter top. Place your boneless, skinless chicken breasts on top. Using your knife, slice slowly through the narrow side of your chicken breast. Make small cuts all the way down the side and begin pulling the chicken breast into 2 pieces. Continue making cuts until you cut all the way through. Continue with all chicken breasts.

When complete, place another piece of plastic wrap on the top of the chicken. Using your pounder, gently pound the chicken to equal thickness. Now you are ready for recipes like chicken piccata, marsala, parmesan and saltimbocca, just to name a few.
Chicken Cutlet Recipe

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