Tips to Make the Perfect Hamburger Patty

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Tips to Make the Perfect Hamburger Patty

Did you know you should push a notch into your hamburger patties before grilling? When hamburgers cook, they expand in the middle. Without the dimple, your hamburgers will go from being ‘puck’ shaped to ball shaped. Unless you are going to play bocce, you don’t need a spherical hamburger.

How to make a hamburger

Top 5 tips for making a perfect hamburger!

1 – Use an 80/20 blend of meat to make sure your hamburger is super juicy. This is not the time to skimp on fat. You are already having a hamburger, so do it right!

2 – Don’t overwork the meat. It’s a fine line between compressing the meat together enough to not fall apart and doing it too much and making the meat too dense.

3 – Make a dimple in the middle of the patty to maintain the shape during cooking.

4 – Don’t push down on the burger while it is cooking! That makes all the juices come out.

5 – Let rest a few minutes when you take them off the grill just like any other meat.


  1. Emily Fussell says:

    Do you put anything other than seasoning in your patties? And which seasoning do you use? thanks

    • I use kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper. My favorite pepper substitute is lemon pepper seasoning. That’s really about it. I handle the rest of the flavors with the toppings.

  2. Lindsey says:


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