What to do with ripe fruit

What to do with ripe fruit

Ok, so warehouse stores are great but sometimes you just buy more than you can eat before it goes bad. This happens to me a good bit, especially with fruit. But never fear – McNack’s is here !!overripe fruit ideas

When your fruit is starting to get a little mushy, cook it!! Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries all make great ‘compotes’ or syrups. Just cook it over medium heat with some added sugar to taste until the sugar is melted and the fruit is cooked to your desired level of chunkiness. The longer you cook, the more it will break down. Use it on top of pancakes or waffles in the morning! Delicious.

Or, you can save it and use it to make your own ice cream or sorbet.

Don’t have enough time to cook them right then? That’s easy too – throw them in the freezer. You can come back and cook them when the time is right for you.

Mushy bananas! Make banana bread or freeze them too.

Great ideas to do with over ripe fruit:

  • Bake bread or cupcakes
  • Make ice cream or sorbet
  • Make banana popsicles covered in chocolate
  • Make a syrup
  • Make a chutney
  • Make some preserves

None of this has to be ‘official’ and you don’t have to can it if you are going to use it soon.

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  • I end up with a few berries at the end of each basket that are about to go bad so I put them in baggies and toss them in the freezer. Eventually I have enough to make a pie!

    I ALWAYS do this with tomatoes too. Homegrowns come in all at once it seems and I can’t eat them all. I chop them and freeze them and add them to things I cook later. I love them in my chicken tortilla soup and also of course chili and spaghetti sauce. Nothing like fresh tomatoes.

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