Grilled Chicken Wings with Ranch

Grilled Chicken Wings with Ranch

There are not many people who don’t like chicken wings. What’s not to love, really?! Juicy, tasty, yumminess! What I think we don’t love is the fat! I certainly can’t afford the extra calories that come with wings at a restaurant that have been fried and then drowned in a super buttery buffalo wing sauce.

Now, don’t get me wrong, these grilled chicken wings are not ‘low fat’ but they are certainly much better than the fried alternative.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Time Required: Prep Time – just starting the grill; Cook Time – 20-30 min


As many chicken wings as you want. If it is the main meal, count on about 7 per person. Some will eat 5 and some will eat 10. Remember, count the drummette and the wingette separately, not the entire wing.

Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Mix (I buy the one in the small plastic container so I can use as much as I want and keep it in the pantry for later.)

Ranch or blue cheese dressing.

Special Equipment and Other Items Needed:

Large stainless steel work bowl


Preheat the grill to medium-high heat.

You can choose to separate the wing into the drumette, wingette and the tip (that is thrown away) before you grill, after you grill or not at all.  The wing will be prettier if done in advance of grilling but it is easier to separate after it has been cooked. You can also serve the entire wing and let those doing the eating do the separating. I like to do it after they have been grilled.

The wings need no prep. Just place on the hot grill and turn a few times until crisp and cooked through. I like to cook them about 25-30 minutes so they are more crispy on the outside.

chicken wings

When done, place on cutting board and cut at the joint with a large heavy knife. Place the wings in the stainless steel working bowl. Sprinkle on top with the ranch seasoning and toss the wings around. They seasoning will melt a bit into the wings. Add some more seasoning and do it a couple of times more until coated the amount you want. Repeat with any remaining wings and serve.

grilled chicken wings


I also tossed some with some hot wing sauce too just for a bit of contrast.

grilled wings

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