Day 2 of a week of meals from your well stocked kitchen

The first full day of a week of meals from my well stocked kitchen started off with a great breakfast for my kids. I had a baguette leftover from dinner this past Friday. I used part of it for the French Onion Soup on Sunday night and I used the leftovers to make French Toast on Monday morning! Add a side of Canadian Bacon and some fresh strawberries and breakfast is served!

I made a taco bar for some friends on Saturday night. The leftovers were my kids lunches, along with some melon. I always have to throw in a fruit in their lunch otherwise, I feel like a bad mom!! Lunch for me….a bowl of onion soup, minus the bread and cheese. 

Dinner is sometimes a challenge due to my schedule. I coach volleyball twice a week and am gone from about 4:45-6:45. You know…the prime time for getting dinner on the table? Anyway, my son has really come through with helping me out. I usually have everything prepared and leave it to him to finish the cooking process. Dinner was stuffed pork chops, leftover steamed broccoli, salad and orzo with garlic and olive oil. 

Day 2: Success!

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