Day 4 of a week of meals from your well stocked kitchen

Well isn’t this special? We were completely snowed in yesterday and since there was so much ice on the roads and the temps didn’t make it above freezing, we will be snowed in today as well. More food will be eaten in this house than I had anticipated, but that’s ok. I’m convinced I still have enough to make it to Friday. Of all weeks I decide to do this little experiment!!! 

As a Snowmageddon 2014 treat, I made bacon and pancakes for breakfast yesterday. The kids stayed warm under blankets, drinking hot chocolate. All I needed was coffee. Lots of coffee!

Around 11:00, I couldn’t wait any longer. SNOW CREAM time!!!! 

For lunch, my husband and I had left over French Onion Soup and the kids wanted cheese nachos. Sure. Why not? It’s Snowmageddon! 

Dinner was a new recipe of oven baked chicken thighs that I created (recipe to be posted later today), cheese tortellini tossed a garlic olive oil sauce, steamed broccoli and corn on the cob. Dessert was obviously snow cream. One more day of being snowed in. Wish me luck!

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