Easter Dinner 2013 – Prep Time!

Easter Dinner 2013 – Prep Time!

It is Saturday morning and time to get busy. Easter Sunday there is Sunday School, Church and the Egg Hunt so I’ll be gone from 9-1 which won’t leave a ton of prep time then. Plus, once all the family arrives, I don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen the whole time. Follow along today and your time will be well spent.

If you missed the menu post, you can find it here. And here is a link to the shopping list post too.

How to Prepare for Easter Dinner – Plan for the day ahead


Cheese platter – This is a no brainer. I’ll just grab the tray and set it aside for now. All cheeses will need to come out about 30 minutes before everyone arrives.

Salad for Easter:

These can all be made today and kept in the refrigerator, except the bacon (don’t want it soggy). Tomorrow I’ll cook the bacon and add a bit right before serving and them I’ll plate them on a bed of arugula dressed lightly with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a dash of salt.

Main Course for Easter

BBQ Rotisserie Ham
I will go ahead and make the rub today. I also need to find the rod for my rotisserie on the grill.

Scalloped Potatoes
I will grate the cheese but the rest needs to wait until the day of.

Roasted Tomatoes
I’ll grate the parmesan cheese but the rest needs to wait until the day of.

I probably am going to do the Asparagus with Dijon Vinaigrette. So, I’ll peel the asparagus and soak them in water in the fridge so they are nice and crisp. I’ll also make the vinaigrette.


Drunken Pears with zabaglione custard
This all needs to wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s Schedule

Planning to eat at 6 so here is the schedule after church:

Prepare area for buffet. Select serving dishes and serving utensils. Finish setting table.
Cook bacon
Separate all the egg yolks for the Zabaglione and put in fridge. Measure the sugar and wine and set aside for later.
Start Grill
Prepare ham – put on rub and score it
Put ham on rotisserie

BBQ Rotisserie Ham
Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees for potatoes
Prepare potatoes

How to make scalloped potatoes
Fresh ground salt, pepper and nutmeg

Put potatoes in the oven
Take out cheeses for appetizer
Serve cheese and charcuterie platter

Cheese Platter with Pate
Prepare pears and cooking liquid

Poached pear recipe
Check potatoes – take out when done and lightly tent with foil
Cook pears
Prepare tomatoes

Broiled tomatoes
Put away cheeses
Add bacon to deviled eggs and plate them with arugula

Deviled Eggs with Bacon
Take ham off rotisserie and let rest
Turn on broiler in oven
Remove pears from heat
Slice ham
Ask someone to make water glasses for the table
Cook tomatoes – 5 minutes
Cook asparagus – 5 minutes
Double check the buffet and call the guests to dinner

Easter Dinner

After everyone has eaten, it is time to make the Zabaglione and serve dessert.


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