Traditional Easter Menu 2013

Easy Menu Ideas

Trying to figure out what to cook for Easter? We thought we’d post our menus for big holidays in advance and let you follow along if you so desired. Well, Denise is going to have this holiday off as she enjoys spending some time with family. I thought about cooking rabbit or lamb for Easter, but after Denise’s Daffy and Rudolph comment, I figured I’d play it safe with Porky Pig. Besides, ham is a very traditional Easter meal.

I want to do some variations on items I cook a lot, so I’ve done some research and these are the ones I’m going to put together for Easter. I’m planning for 8-10 folks.


Deviled Eggs – something different than the ones I made on St. Patrick’s Day, these are just so perfect for Easter – maybe these? –

Rotisserie Ham – I found this on-line – I think I’ll try this over a traditionally prepared ham –

Scalloped Potatoes these are amazing, you’ll love them. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to have a mandolin to prepare them so order it today.

Broiled tomatoes – I make something like these with half of a tomato instead of a slice – but maybe I’ll change up my traditional ones a bit –

Something fresh and green – I’ll probably pick this when I do my day before shopping based on what looks the freshest.

For dessert, these drunken pears with zabaglione looked amazing so we’ll give them a try –

Click here for shopping guide and check back during the week for preparation steps to get what we can done in advance so we can enjoy Easter.

Don’t forget the wine!!! – Denise


  1. Joey says:

    Have a mandolin! Could not find recipe for scalloped potato. Please

    • Joey – I will be posting the recipe and more details on preparing the meal in a day or two. In the meantime, I went ahead and sent you an email with the recipe. These are the potatoes I made at the Valentine’s Luncheon in 2012.

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