Denise’s Meatballs

The recipe to my appetizer meatballs has been kept secret for a long time. I used to think people were kidding when they raved about how good they were because they were just so easy to make! I’m sure it will shock many of you to see the recipe here and therefore no longer making it a secret. What can I say? I guess I’m becoming generous in my new decade. Probably more shocking than the recipe is knowing that my husband actually came up with idea to combine the ingredients together to make the “famous meatballs”. McNack’s will always give credit where credit is due!!

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: Prep Time – 2 min; Cook Time – 3-4 hours


Bag of Italian Style Meatballs from Costco

Jar of Yoshida’s Sauce from Costco

Special Equipment and Other Items Needed:

Crock Pot

Preparing Denise’s Meatballs:

Put the frozen meatballs in a crock pot. Add enough Yoshida sauce to cover the meatballs. Turn on high for 3-4 hours or until hot. Really. That’s it. Serve with toothpicks.

Important Tips:

Once the meatballs are hot and done, turn to low so you don’t over cook them.




  1. David says:

    I live out in the desert in Moab. The closest Cosco is 2 hours away! Do you have a great “from scratch” meatball receipe? Thanks!

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