How to make mayonnaise: Garlic and Sriracha Aioli

Plain mayonnaise is not my favorite thing. I generally try and avoid putting much of it onto or into things I make. However, make your own mayonnaise, add great flavors, call it aioli and it transforms into an awesome way to enhance a sandwich or provide delicious creamy yumminess to dip fried things into. Surprisingly, it is really simple to make too.

sriracha mayonnaise

What could possibly be better than mixing mayonnaise with garlic and the best hot chili sauce known to man – Sriracha!!! Everything goes better with Sriracha!!

Level of Difficulty: Moderate Time Required: Prep Time – 5 min; Mix Time – 5-10 min


For your base aioli, you’ll need:

2 egg yolks

4 t fresh lemon juice

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

6 T vegetable oil

For the Garlic and Sriracha Mayonnaise, you’ll also need:

2 cloves of garlic

1 t coarse salt

2-4 t Sriracha depending on your desired spiciness

Special Equipment and Other Items Needed:

Whisk and an arm ready to do some serious whisking!

Mixing bowl with rubber feet.

How to make mayonnaise:

Make a paste with the garlic cloves by mincing the garlic and then sprinkling with the coarse salt. Take your knife and rub the flat side of the blade back and forth across the garlic and the salt until it becomes paste like.

Separate the 2 eggs and place the yolks in the mixing bowl. Discard the whites or save for an egg white omelet of meringue. Whisk for about a minute or until begins to thicken.

In a measuring cup, mix together the olive oil and vegetable oil. Then, while whisking briskly, begin drizzling the oil. Go slowly and make sure the mixture stays together. The trick is to go slowly. Just a little oil at a time until it is all gone. You should whisk briskly until you are at the right consistency.

When the oil is all whisked in, stir in the garlic. Add the lemon juice and sriracha and whisk together.

Chill for a bit if you have the time so the flavors blend and it gets a bit firmer.

garlic aioli with sriracha

 Cover the mayonnaise and place in refrigerator until ready to use.

garlic aioli

Important Tips:

While whisking the mayonnaise, stop whisking every now and again. If the oil separates, keep whisking until they blend back together before you add any more oil.


Whatever you want – sky is the limit!


Awesome to use as a dip for tempura fried vegetables. Also great on a sandwich to add some spice.

Got Leftovers?:

This should last in the refrigerator for several days.

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